Sunshine Research is a nationwide investigative firm, specializing in nationwide criminal searches for numerous other investigative firms nationwide. Sunshine Research offers wholesale pricing and a 48-hour turnaround time on all criminal searches ordered. Sunshine Research does not access any databases. All searches are performed at the county courthouse level.
Benefits of using Sunshine Research:
    *orders sent after 2:00pm EST will be forwarded to the next business day

  • COST -- Rates as low as $5.00 per county*
    *refer to monthly rate sheet for discounts and exceptions

  • NO DATABASE ACCESSED -- up to the minute courthouse information is provided for each county requested

  • CUSTOMIZED REPORTS AVAILABLE -- Have a favorite font? Or maybe a special order in which you display your information? Provide us with your company's preference regarding the order of information or document style and we will happily oblige.

  • NO CONTRACTS -- We do not bind any of our customers to any contracts. All of our customers receive exceptional service at affordable rates.

To start taking advantage of this money saving offer, fax your request today

(888) 785-7451 Fax
(888) 786-1242 Phone

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